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I am now available on The Bash for booking private parties!  This is the internet's premier booking agency for private parties and corporate events of all kinds.  

Hindustan Astrology with Katya on The Bash

Looking for something unique to make your party the most fun and successful ever?  Jyotisha, or Vedic Astrology, is from India and is different than Western astrology, as it is a lunar based system.  I have found that people love this Science of Light, and can't get enough!  I have worked at the Star Knowledge conferences as a speaker and vendor, and at the Gift Of Light psychic expos, and people really love hearing about their star chart.  I will show up with my laptop, portable printer for printouts, and table dressed for a party!  I also am a Reiki healing practitioner, and I have found that my presence puts people at ease.  I have a fun, lighthearted approach to looking at the stars that is family friendly and great for all ages.


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